SGS English Medium High School Admissions Procedure

SGS English Medium High School is open to all the children without any discrimination of class, caste or creed. It offers admissions for boys and girls for Pre- Primary and 1 to 10th
We want your child’s admission process to be as smooth as possible.We’re happy to help you make the right decision regarding the education of your child.

Criteria for Admission

  • Students will have to meet with the school’s Rules & Regulations regarding eligibility for admission.
  • Admissions are made In the month of March / April every year.
  • Admissions to L.K.G is based on the interview of the child & parents.
  • Admission for higher classes will be given on the basis of performance in the entrance test and interview.
  • An offer letter will be sent to the parents of students who fulfill all requirements which include the forwarding of references from the previous school.

  • Parents who receive the letter of invitation will be required to pay the fees within a stipulated period.

Admission Details & Policy

Admission will be made normally to Pre-nursery, L.K.G, U.K.G. on producing birth certificate, however admissions right from class I To Class X will be filtered through written test, eligible students will be given admissions into eligible classes on producing TC, progress report from the previous school of study

Following documents should be submitted along with the application

  • Transfer Certificate
  • Physical Fitness Certificate
  • PASSPORT Size Photo 10 No.s


The child should be minimum three years & ten months for admission to LKG, UKG & For I Standard child should complete the 5 years


Children once joined cannot be withdrawn from the school, unless three months notice is tendered in writing to the principal. Fees once paid will not be refunded in any case. Application for Transfer Certificate must be submitted in writing to the principal.
The school administration requires three months notice, in case a parent intends to withdraw his/her ward. When a child is not reporting back for the next academic year, the parent concerned should notify the Principal of the school in writing by March 31st of the year in question.
No T.C. will be issued till all the school dues are paid. Applications for T.C. at the end of the school academic year should reach the office well before the re=opening of the school or else the whole year's fee will be collected.

Age Criterial For Admission