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The course of fundamental physics is an important constituent of technical education, as physics is the leader of natural sciences and theoretical basis of modern technology. It emphasizes the application of basic scientific principles to various fields including Mechanics, Electronics, Biotechnology and even electrical engineering in the designing of equipment for use in measurements, communication and data acquisition.

The aim of physics is to understand the natural phenomena around us. Physics is a science of measurement, an exact science and a pure science which encompasses esoteric ideas. It is well known that Engineering is regarded as applied science and "Today's science is tomorrow's technology". Hence Science and Engineering are interwoven as two intermingling complementary streams. The main purpose of teaching physics to engineering undergraduates is to equip them with a scientific understanding of the principles, so that they can use the knowledge beneficially in their later pursuits. Knowledge of discoveries, inventions and innovations which revolutionized the very foundations and frontiers of physics in the modern world is essential for the budding engineers. Physics is not an isolated body of equations and hypotheses as the student is generally made to believe.

The Faculty in the department with the backing of research experience strive to train the students in theoretical and practical aspects of concepts in physics through classroom teaching, dialogue, experimental innovations and stimulating discussions. Near 100% success in VTU examinations is a testimony for this Department.