Campus & InfrastructureExcellent library facilities catering the needs of curriculum research consultancy & general reading. It is fully computerized with an Intranet system connected to the college campus. On-line publications, catalogues can be accessed through any on-campus terminal. Instructors/programmers available to assist students in planning & implementing their projects.

The library is the main resource centre for the students and the faculty at SET Polytechnic. The library is located on the ground floor of the main building, with a seating capacity of over 150.

The Libraries at the SET Polytechnic is the knowledge centre which houses over 12670 volumes of books and Journals put together apart from this, the library at each college is linked with an on-line database which forms the e-book library centre providing access to tens and thousands of e-books and high quality engineering research journals and technology magazines to satisfy the thirst of knowledge of the students.

All of the library information and the database are seamlessly recorded into library management software which keeps track of all the volumes and helps us in updating them. The library at each college is managed by a qualified librarian who is always ready to help students when in need.