about usSri Shivananjegowda belongs to very poor and respectable Agriculturist Family. His father Sri Boregowda, an agriculturist and his mother Smt. Sakamma, a housewife. Sri Shivananjegowda, the founder of S.E.T. Educational Institutions, was born on 05-05-1955, at a remote village called "Naranapuraā€¯, which comes under the jurisdiction of Melukote Hobli, Pandavapura Taluk, Mandya District, Karnataka State.

Generally in the society every parents ambition and desire is to provide a good education to their wards and they had a great ambition that their children to become a great personalities such as a Doctor, Engineer, I.A.S., or I.P.S., etc. In facts Smt. & Sri Boregowda had a similar desire to provide proper education to their son. But, it was rather unfortunate due to the worst economic family condition, that they could not do so. Even they were unable to provide proper booklets, Uniforms etc.

Sri Shivananjegowda had remembered and recollected the past events of his young age, and realized very much the reason that he could not get proper Education just because of poor economical condition which has played a vital role in his education period.

Thus, the above worst situation and the instance which have deeply penetrated his mind. As a result, he looked forward with a long vision and meaningful thought, which enables him to, arrive a conclusion with a determination to dedicate a noble service towards poor rural students for their education and prosperity.

Sri Shivananjegowda had an intend to establish Professional Education Institution for the benefit of Rural Poor folk and he had shared his intention to his closed friends. In turn his friends had suggested to him to form a trust for establishing an Educational Institution and his friends had agreed in principle to extend fullest co operation to achieve the object.

The main object of the Trust is to establish Educational Institutions, which includes professional Courses for the benefit of Rural Students.